Customer Loyalty Points System

MLM Software Tamil Nadu is aware of the particular difficulties experienced by IT services providers. The customer loyalty programme software from MLM Software Tamil Nadu can set up a personalised loyalty rewards programme to help the business overcome these obstacles and position itself for long-term success.

Building a solid relationship between consumers and the brand is one of the biggest problems for customer-oriented businesses. Customer Loyalty Management provides all the resources required to construct an effective loyalty programme for both individual and corporate clients.

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Able to Sell Premium Modules but Cannot

Even though it significantly boosts sales and profitability, upselling and cross-selling are challenging to do.

ECommerce Shopping Cart Development

Even though it significantly boosts sales and profitability, upselling and cross-selling are challenging to do.

Insufficient prioritisation

According on how much they spend, customers ought to be given priority. Higher ticket prices do not qualify for this particular service.

Missing Engagement

Customers do not use the product or service, participate in trainings, or phone in for reviews. This results in postponements.

Unhelpful Marketing

Customers frequently decline requests for case studies or references. Getting a client to assist with marketing is challenging.

inadequate referrals

Customers are reluctant to recommend other companies. Nonetheless, each recommendation may be worth hundreds of dollars.


  • Customer Loyalty Software offers an impactful way to increase repeat purchase rate without discounting or devaluing your brand.
  • Customer Loyalty Software gives brands and companies an opportunity to continuously reach out and engage with customers beyond standard marketing strategies.
  • Robust Customer Loyalty functionality creates a way to seamlessly engage customers and offer rewards through any shopping channel, online, in-store, through an app, or with all three together.
  • With MLM App Factory’s unique unified platform Customer Loyalty Software creates a way to incent customers to take any number of actions from purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, sharing pictures, and connecting through social media. By encouraging customers to take steps to engage with your brand beyond just purchases, you build a stronger platform.


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