Inventory Management MLM Software

Software for inventory control is one of the Add ON modules offered by MLM Software Tamil Nadu. The firm is managed in an orderly manner through inventory management software. By doing this, your product’s supply is scheduledly arranged. Moreover, it assists you in keeping track of each product in a way that will enable you to communicate with your customers in a productive manner and foster strong customer relationships. When looking closely at its features and traits, inventory management software emerges as a full “Point Of Sale” solution that guarantees high dependability, simplicity, portability, and a wealth of capabilities.

Why would you use an inventory management system?

A software programme for inventory management is necessary for those who operate or manage MLM businesses with inventories. You may enter item information and organise or examine things based on their serial numbers with the aid of inventory management software. Even more, you may add unique remarks to each and every item. This will make managing the company much simpler for you.

Inventory Management MLM Software


Order control

Manage all of your sales and buy transactions, keep track of bills and invoices, and make payments. You can track shipments and packages with the use of our inventory management software to maintain your deliveries on schedule.

Barcode Scanning

It is simple to set up a barcode system, serial and batch numbers, and products to sales & purchase orders thanks to the inventory management software's compatibility with many types of barcode scanners.


From a variety of reports that are readily created, downloaded, and shared, you may learn about the age of your inventory, vendor payments, sales information, and inventory valuation.

warehouse administration

Monitor the movement of products, shift objects across warehouses, and provide reports specifically for each warehouse.


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