MLM Payment Gateway Integration

It doesn’t matter if you run an eCommerce platform or are just keeping up with your online presence—you want to give your consumers a secure, quick, and simple way to pay. The payment method you use must meet the demands of both your consumers and your company. So, it must be secure from fraud, accept a range of payment options, be user-friendly, and work with your platform. With our user-friendly APIs, thorough documentation, and committed technical support, integration will be simple.

The connection of the payment gateway with the mobile app, website, and e-commerce platform doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Give your company access to the most secure payment gateway in the market, which is completely suited for desktop and mobile use and has the greatest success rate in the sector.

You may take online payments using all methods, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets, and UPI, by integrating our payment gateway. Moreover, we give retailers access to an integrated dashboard where they can check analytics statistics or transaction information.

MLM Payment Gateway Integration


An online or physical store’s payment gateway is a service that approves and manages payments. A gateway acts as a doorway to streamline the flow of transactions between customers and retailers. Encryption and security procedures are used to transmit transaction data securely. Data is sent back and forth between websites, applications, and mobile devices and payment processors and banks.

The following transaction types can be carried out using payment gateways:



Refunds are the outcome of orders that are cancelled, for which a merchant must use a refund payment processing to return the money.



The actual transfer of money from a previously authorised payment to the merchant's account must be recorded.



Sale of transactions involving both authorisation and capture. First, a cardholder is approved. Then, money might or might not be taken. It is a standard method of payment for instant purchases like subscriptions or e-tickets.



The actual transfer of money from a previously authorised payment to the merchant's account must be recorded. The outcome of a cancelled order is nullified, and the money must be returned to the customer by way of a refund payment processing.



Authorization is a type of transaction used to determine whether a consumer has sufficient cash to make a purchase. It excludes the actual transfer of funds. Instead, a merchant confirms during authorisation that a cardholder is able to pay for a requested item. For manufacturing or shipping orders that take a while, an authorisation transaction is used.


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