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Now-a-days The short message service, or SMS, has established itself in many spheres of society. In addition, it has essentially transformed the markets, making its usage in business all but unavoidable. Because of its many applications, the sector has thrived. All of these combined with MLM is a fantastic combination since it satisfies the requirement to send SMS messages with only the click of your Computer mouse. Millions of messages may be transmitted in a matter of minutes with the use of MLM. The use of SMS-based MLM software is a significant marketing tactic nowadays, and mlmage is doing its best to offer its clients great services at very reasonable pricing.

As eShare MLM software is so specialised, no single piece of software can meet all MLM projects’ or requirements’ needs. In order to meet the demands of each customer, we customise all MLM software. You may easily simplify all of your work with the aid of our software package. The management and organisation features for MLM accounts are described in our MLM application. This enables you to manage the reports of sales, income, and profit while also keeping track of your customers. We at Cloud MLM are highly conscious of the importance of the SMS Integration Solution in identifying the target market.

eShare MLM Software


  • It helps to configure your SMS accounts to push replies to your email address.
  • So you never miss a response.
  • SMS delivery receipts are allowed you to know whether the message was received.
  • Today many companies are international, and so are their communications.
  • Sending international SMS through SMS provider can be very cheaper and some SMS providers give a flat fee offer for sending SMS regardless of the target.
  • In the absence of MLM software if you try to send text messages in manual form then it will surely consume a lot of time and energy.
  • But with the help of MLM Software Tamil Nadu’s online SMS management system it is possible for you to generate effective marketing to your company.
  • It reduces the amount of time and money spent on phone calls.
  • Establish your brand and improve brand awareness with its assistance.
  • MLM Companies may also carry out self-branding on a wide scale and at a rapid speed.
  • Make your marketing initiatives more successful.
  • Improve interaction with and loyalty to customers.
  • Mobile phone numbers may be simply put into the software programme using the Eshare MLM Software system.
    Here, several user groups may be formed, and with just one mouse click, messages can be sent to each group simultaneously.
  • When sending SMS to groups, it should be your go-to communication method because it is so quick. As a result, sending SMS online is ideal for urgent and professional circumstances.


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