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A programme called Binary MLM software manages the computation of Binary networks in a Binary plan. Every firm may utilise a binary MLM strategy to manage their binary network and to lessen the amount of manual labour that has to be done by their staff. One of the simplest and most well-liked MLM programmes is the binary one.

Each new distributor or member is placed in either the left subtree or the right subtree when using a binary plan in multi-level marketing. Whereas the second subtree is a Profit Leg or a weak leg, the first subtree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg.

Binary MLM businesses provide a range of rewards for the team to keep them engaged and motivated. As previously stated, the majority of binary direct selling companies base binary compensations on the weaker leg. Some businesses could provide the option to roll over surplus sales to the following commission month. The businesses may set a payment ceiling to strengthen the reliability of the binary networking system. With our customisable Binary MLM Software, you have the ability to modify all of these compensations and rules.

The Sunflower MLM plan’s features


  • Every person has the ability to expand their downline by one.
  • Simple to handle and explain.
  • Simple payment transaction management.
  • The best MLM strategy for regular network marketers.

We have developed the greatest software to handle the sunflower MLM plan, allowing you to take care of all your online company demands with only a few clicks.

Our Sunflower MLM plan software includes a number of features, including lead generation, payment gateway, multi-currency, multi-language, inventory management, downline management, commission transaction and management, referral website and link, franchise management, tracking, and runtime report generation. In other words, we can state that our MLM software manages all of your demands for an online money-making enterprise with more than 240 functions.

Sun Flower MLM Softwares in Tamil Nadu

Benefits of the Sunflower MLM Plan 


  1. Sunflower MLM Plan has the highest payments of any MLM pay plan, making it the most exciting plan overall.
  2. The MLM plan Sunflower Plan pays to an unlimited downline. Hence, even if the downline is 15 levels deep in your organisational structure, a member will still be paid by the downline.
  3. In a Sunflower model, your upline will affix their fresh recruits to what is referred to as your power leg. Spillover is the term for this situation. Typically, your power leg will develop fast.
  4. A MLM organisation may foster collaboration with the use of the sunflower plan. It is crucial to your success and the success of your downline. This promotes team spirit and cooperation.
  5. Of of the four fundamental pay schemes in network marketing, the Sunflower Plan has the most potential generational earnings depth.
  6. Your “Money Leg” is the sole aspect of your business on which you should focus. The individuals in your business who are above you and have more experience than you are often building the other leg of your downline matrix, also known as the “Power Leg.”
  7. Compared to earlier plans, the Sunflower Compensation Plan’s initial version is significantly simpler to comprehend and manage eligibility requirements for.
  8. Sunflower MLM Compensation Plans assist average and even above average network marketers in realising their potential for success and financial independence.


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